May you live in Interesting Times.

The Story So Far...

Vale saved? – Check.
Tiamat’s Avatar banished? – Check.
Fiendish Wolf chased away? – Check.
Its fiendish cubs saved and added to family? – Check.
Drow City infiltrated? – Check.
Ifiltrators saved? – Check.
Connection to Lolth-loyal House Varach established? – Check.
Humongous Spider in ancient Drow library killed? – Check.
Archaic Lolth-given ritual learned? – Check.
Ghaunadaur’s Avatar banished? – Check.

Belrug resurrected? – Open.
House D’Vach weakened and slaves saved? – Open.

Status Update

Belrug resurrected? – Check.
Reported To Crystal Lady? – Check.
Received expressions of gratitude? – Check.
Saved over 500 slaves of house D’Vach? – Check.
Travelled safely to Vraath Keep? – Check.
Played around with ‘fiendish’ wolf puppies? – Check.
Investigated psionic phenomenon in Shaar savannah? – Check.
Joined in mega-Metaconcert “Dance of Shimmering Blades”? – Check.
Gained control of pure, blooming energy vortex in conflict with unknown others? – Check.
Used energy? – Check.
Found new trail of Vias’ lost mentor? – Check.
Sold some loot? – Check.
Bought Hobbes new armor? – Check.
Reincarcerated runaway animals and created new dead-end in extraplanar city? – Check.
Joined gladiatorial Arena-fights? – Check.
Won contests Show Duel and 2v2? – Check.

Survived To-The-Death discipline? – Open. and very improbable.
Established connection to Dao merchant? – Open.

Wer den Kopf steckt in den Sand

, wird am Hinterteil erkannt.


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