Of four-legged Spiders and real vermin

While the group was resting, in the bowels of House D’Vach a new strand of fate was spun, entwining itself with those of the heroes’.
Within a circle drawn on the ground whirled two shapes, a young drow swordsman gasping for air and a young human, avoiding the strong blows with fluid motions, never stepping out of the ring. Muttering a dark oath under his gaspings, the drow lunged and hit the human square in the face, as if he forgot to sidestep. Now both blades flashed and clanged against each other, the blunt trainingswords leaving dark spots where they hit the human. Taking the beating until an older drow ordered a stop from outside, the human bowed deeply and stood off to the side. “That’s how real warriors fight, Belrug!” the young drow said between gasps of air, flushed from the excitment and exertion. “They don’t run around and away until they get caught, but stand and finght!”
Breathing deep lungfuls of air, the human said nothing. The older drow that had stopped the clobbing said “Well done, Akelsir. Now go and freshen yourself. Today will be a special lecture on field tactics with oozes you better don’t miss.” " Yes, sir." he said and was off to the bathing rooms. With a cold voice, he said “Now to you, slave. The captain wants to see you. Go.” Belrug bowed quickly but fully and set off to the captain’s chamber.

After the rest, having decided to fly off to find the Matron of House Varach, the heroes left Hobbes back at the camp recuperating from his painful memories alone.

They turned to mist and flew off, finding the great spire now easily and started to drift higher. The chamber or personal chapel of the matron should be high up in the tower. As they

Before lying down to rest, all but Hobbes sat together to discuss how to proceed with their quest. The matron mother’s key to the library had to be taken from her, but first it needed to be found. An open confrontation with her, they knew, would be suicidal, hence they would need to ambush her somewhere private. And where was it more private than in her own chambers? They agreed to go back into the city to house Varach to gather information about the location of the matron’s private chambers and temple before resting.
They transformed back into clouds and shortly after arrived at their destination. Entering the building through a crack in a large ornamental window, they floated close to the ceiling until a slave passed underneath. Vias reacted quickly and shot his will deep into the slave’s mind before he could get away. Without much effort, he overwhelmed the measly mental defenses and erased any fear or doubt the slave had against him, replacing it with a resonant trust and friendship toward Vias. Establishing a mind link with him, he slowly regained his physical form and told his newest ‘friend’ to stop and wait. The slave stood confusedly, staring at the person that was forming from bare mist. “What are you doing here? I don’t think you’re allowed up here.”, he said.
Vias answered, “Never mind that, my friend. I have been sent up here with an urgent message to our matron mother…”
“..and you’re lost.”, the slave finished.
“Yes. And you understand, of course, that if I don’t find my way up to her chambers real fast I’m going to be punished horribly. Can you help me out?”
“Well, I don’t exactly know my way around all the areas up there, but I do know how to find the kitchen that serves all the high priestesses and acolytes in the upper part. From there it shouldn’t be far. But I could ask around and draw you a map to her chambers, no problem. It would just take a little longer.”
“Oh, thank you very much for your generous offer, but the directions to the kitchen will certainly suffice. I don’t want you to arrive late on your task.”
“If you say so, it’s fine by me. Then listen, to get to the kitchen, you need to..” After giving Vias instructions to reach the kitchen quickly, he bid his farewells and left Vias alone.
“Alright, now we know how to get there. How should we go ahead now? Scout around more or go back to camp?”
“Let’s not risk a fight when we’re so tired and exhausted. I’d rather meet the matron on our own terms.”, Never advised.
Everyone agreed, so they flew back to camp and, after telling their gathered news to Gwydion and Hobbes, settled down to rest.

Around the time Yve was sitting down to meditate after change of guards, deep in the city the wheel of fate was spinning. A certain high positioned family member of house D’Vach had decided to make her chance rather than wait for it, setting off events that would intertwine the lives and fates of our heroes and a certain slave.

Belrug’s Story

Of four-legged Spiders and real vermin

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